Item Added to Cart - But Shows Wrong Image

on most pages, you have option to choose between several different products === but if you choose the 2nd or 3rd or 4th product, the shopping cart will always show the image of the first product from that page === even though you is order the 2nd or 3rd product from that page === NOT TO WORRY === we is check and send you the correct item === do not worry about the wrong image, its a glitch in the system, that we is trying to work out at the moment.

Payment Information

- we is prefer payment by Interac, which most people in canada now use routinely - second best option is to use paypal, which we have set-up and should work seamlessly with yout paypal account. - for payment by Visa, Mastercard, click on the paypal option and the paypal site will pop up and you will see the option to sign into your paypal account. ignore that. - BENEATH that sign-in option, you will see another option. which is to pay using visa/MC. - click on that option, and you will see the form pop up and now you can put in your credit card and billing information there and paypal will charge your credit card and the money will be forwarded to us. - we do not get any of your credit card information, it is all handled safely by Paypal on their site. - which if you are not familiar with Paypal, A) may Allah help you get thru life and B) is one of the biggest and safest credit card payment processing sites. - and probably will not accept your card if you make a mistake in the billing address. they is not mess around.