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About Us has been in operation since 2003. from 2003 - 2017 it was located in a small shop in Mississausage and was known as === === and during that time it was the most active online store in canada. after it closed down, in 2018 the stock was acquired by the long-time manager and it has continued operating under the name === === since then. there is no store anymore, just the books stored in boxes at home and in storage, in downtown Toronto, from where they are packed and shipped off at the local canada post branch.

Why Does This Site Suck?

in august 2023, the nice polished web-site that zabiha had been running on since 2013 expired (RIP), so this new clunky, cheapo version has been re-launched on a different platform. hopefully it will become more polished over time as we master the different coding rules, plus slowly product descriptions and other information will be added and the look improved. .